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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Tiens Beneficial Capsule is available: 0208520993,0245703180

Tiens Beneficial Capsules also known as Cell Rejuvenation capsules is known on the market as Ikan or Yi Kang.

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Cell Rejuvenation Capsules Ikan combines gynostemma - a Far Eastern "longevity herb" with carrot - popular around the world. This extraordinary combination provides a number of benefits for our health and beauty as the ingredients of the supplement include almost all vitamins, minerals and biologically active compounds, which regulate the function of the body on the cellular level.

Gynostemma (Gynostemma pentaphyllum), also known as Jiaogulan, has been dubbed by the Chinese the "southern Chinese ginseng". For hundreds of years the Chinese have been using it for its energizing and immunity-boosting properties. It generically contains three times as much of the active substances – saponins – as ginseng, which is why the Chinese tend to describe Jiaogulan as "like ginseng but better". It has traditionally been considered a plant ensuring longevity.

In turn, carrot is well-known for being rich in provitamin A - carotene, to which the vegetable owes its colour. In natural medicine carrot is used as aid in problems with the digestive system, as well as to prevent premature ageing of the body and improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

The main ingredients of Ikan Tiens are:
Gynostemma Pentaphyllum extract,
Carrot powder,
Vitamin C.

Gynostemma, according to traditional Chinese medicine, boosts the body’s defense systems, works to stabilize the metabolism, helps sustain blood lipid balance, and harmonizes all the functions of the body. Its beneficial effects stem from the variety of amino acids, vitamins and minerals the plant contains, including calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and zinc.

The second ingredient of the supplement - carrot root (Daucus carota) is, similarly to gynostemma, rich in substances and elements essential to health, such as carotenoids including provitamin A, alfa- and beta-carotene), vitamins: B1, B2, B6, C, E, H, K, PP, folic acid and the following minerals: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, cobalt, as well as sulphur compounds, pectins, inositol and coumarins.

The ingredients of the preparation play an active role in many processes of the body, and bring a number of effects. The most important are:

vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, iron and manganese help reduce fatigue and lassitude,
vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zinc and manganese help protect the cells from oxidative stress,
vitamin B6, vitamin C, zinc, iron and selenium contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system,
zinc and selenium help maintain healthy skin, hair and nails,
magnesium, calcium and phosphorus help maintain healthy teeth,
copper contributes to proper hair pigmentation,
vitamin C, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus and manganese contribute to proper metabolism related to energy production,
vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and manganese contribute to proper functioning of the nervous system,
magnesium, iron and zinc play a part in the process of cell division,
zinc contributes to sustaining the proper blood pressure level,
vitamin K supports proper blood coagulation,
phosphorus helps the proper functioning of cell membranes,
vitamin C contributes to proper collagen production required for to the correct functioning of blood vessels, bones, cartilages, gums, skin and teeth,
manganese and copper contribute to the proper functioning of connective tissue production,
beta-carotene found in carrot is a precursor of vitamin A (the body is able to transform it into vitamin A). Vitamin A contributes to maintaining the proper state of the mucous membranes and skin, correct functioning of the immune system and proper iron metabolism.

Grapevine Extract/ Vigor Rousing: 0245703180

Vitality Softgel

TianShi / Tiens Vitality Softgel: 0245703180, 0208520993

Vitality Softgel Capsules

* It enhances sexual function
* It empowers the heart with ability to intolerant Anoxia
* It gives maximum nutritional support in maintaining healthy, vibrant, youthful skin (tissue) inside out.
* As an anti-oxidants, it removes free radical.
* It boosts the immune system.
* It also improves the maintenance of healthy bones
* It improves the overall body condition
* It purifies the skin, maintains a healthy and vibrant complexion
* It also prevents hair loss, poor complexion & premature aging skin
* It improves memory and strengthens Endurance
* Heals burns and dermatitis when applied externally.
* Relieves chronic stomach ulcers
* Prevents thrombosis
* It stimulates and maintains the balancing of the hormonal system
* Prevents arteriosclerosis.
* It prevents menopause, (reverses menopause)
* It prevents the inflammation of the Joints known as arthritis
* Prevents hair breakage
* It prevents old age and related diseases (Senile Dementia)

Zinc Capsules


Zinc is an important trace element in
the human body. Zinc deficiency can
directly impair human health. liens 
Zinc Supplement is a nutritional 
supplement which supplements zinc 
essential to the human body.

The following must be known about trace elements


Minerals are large family of nutrients essential to the human body, aIthough some of them are present in the body in very small percentages, probably several parts per million, they are designated as essential trace elements because most of them are the core elements of thousands of enzymes displaying various functions or acting as catalysts for certain enzymes. They are also important component of hormones and certain factors with special physiological functions.


Think Zinc! This slogan comes to mind as l bring this section. Zinc has many important functions and potential uses that both doctors and patients should think of zinc more often for handling many day-to-day problems. Zinc deficiency is fairly common now as a result of soil losses and losses' in food processing. And this deficiency or depletion can product a variety of symptoms.

More than 50 years ago, in 1934, zinc essential was first suggested. Not until the early 1960s, however, was it known that low intake or low body stores of zinc could cause deficiency symptoms. In recent years, since the discovery that this minerals is becoming less available in our soil thus in our food chain, zinc has been given more attention and increased research has produced much new information. We now know that zinc indeed is probably implicated in more flan 100 enzymes and is probably involved in more body functions than any other minerals. It is important in normal growth and development, the maintenance of body tissues, sexual function. the immune system and detoxification of chemicals and metabolic irritants. Carbohydrates metabolism is influenced by zinc, and zinc is needed in the synthesis of DNA, which aids our body's healing process. Zinc is often helpful in reducing healing time after surgery or burns, in many male prostate problems, in skin disease and in many other difficulties.

Zinc is found in the body in small amounts, only about 2-2.5 grams total of the minerals. It is second in concentration to iron, with 33 ppm to iron's 60ppm.

( AIthough fluoride is found at 37 ppm in the. average human body, it is still questionable whether it -is essential. This 37 ppm is also a result of the use of fluoridate water, vitamins and stannous fluoride toothpaste) Though zinc is the twenty-fifth most abundant element in the- earth's crust measuring about 0.01 percent, it is water soluble both in the soil and food. Rains can wash zinc (as well as iodine, sulfur and selenium) from our farming soils as can modern agricuItural techniques. When we cook food, much of the zinc may go into water as do other minerals and vitamins, so the cooking liquids especially from vegetables should be

consumed as well. More importantly when foods are processed as in the refining of grains much of the zinc is lost along with manganese, chromium molybdenum and 8 vitamins. Usually, only iron and sometimes vitamins 81 and 82 are added back in enriched foods (and this iron isn't even in the usable form).Adding zinc, manganese, chromium and more 8 vitamins such as 86 would be much better and help us avoid common deficiencies.

Zinc absorption may vary from about 20-40 percent of ingested zinc, depending mainly on body needs and stomach acid concentration. Like iron, zinc from animal foods where it is bound with proteins has been shown to be better absorbed. When bound with the phytates or oxalates found in grain and vegetables less zinc is absorbed. Calcium, phosphorous, copper, iron, lead and cadmium all compete with zinc for absorption. Milk and eggs reduces zinc absorption. Fiber food bran and hydrates, found mainly the outer covering of grains may also inhibit zinc absorption. Phytic acid may combine with the zinc in the upper intestine before this mineral can be absorbed.

The zinc cadmium relationship is interesting. Cadmium is considered a potentially toxic heavy metal. When it contaminates our food it is found in the center of grain: Zinc is found mainly in the grain covering .So eating whole grains, which have a higher amount of zinc than of cadmium will reduce any possible absorption of cadmium. With the refining of grains into flour, the zinc-cadmium ration is decreased and cadmium is more likely to be absorbed and cause problems.

I In the human body, the 2.5 grams of zinc are stored in a variety of tissues. It is most concentrated in the prostate and semen which suggests zinc's tie to male sexual function (impotence can be related to low zinc). The next most concentrated tissue is the retina of the eye, heart, spleen, lungs brain and adrenal gland. The skin contains a high amount of zinc but it is less concentrated than in the organ tissues. Nails, hair and teeth also have some zinc, and this minerals is important to those tissues as well. Zinc is eliminated through the gastrointestinal tract in the feaces. Some is also eliminated in the urine. Alcohol use increases urinary losses of zinc. Zinc is also lost in the sweat, possibly as much a 2-3mg, in a day. Stress, burns, surgery and weight loss all seems to increase body losses of zinc.

In evaluating body zinc status, plasma or serum zinc levels may not reflect body (stores however, if they are low, Zinc is likely deficient.' Low hair levels appear to reflect zinc deficiency, which then should be sustained through a blood test. High hair zinc levels may also be seen with zinc deficiency, though this is not as correlative as low hair levels. In general, the blood cell (or white blood cell) measurement of zinc may be most indicative of the body's true status of zinc nature.

SOURCES: Most animal foods contain adequate amounts of zinc. Oysters are particularly high with more than ten times as much as other sources (they are also high in copper and possibly, in ocean polluting chemicals and metals). Zinc is added to animal feeds to increase growth rates, so meat usually contains high amounts. Red meats (beef, lamb and pork) and liver are fairly high; herring is good as are egg (yokes and milk products, though the zinc in eggs and milk products may not be as

available to the body as that found in other sources). Other fish and pouItry also contain fair zinc levels with iron. The zinc in animals' foods seems to be better absorbed than that in the vegetable sources, but one can reduce meat foods and eat whole grains and beans and still obtain adequate zinc. Overall, though, in my experience it is not easy for most people eating a relatively healthy diet to obtain the minimum requirement of 15mg daily unless they focus on zinc containing foods.

Whole grains such as whole wheat, rye and oats are rich in zinc and are good sources for vegetarians. Even though the minerals from these foods is utilized less well because the fiber and phytates in the grain covering bind some zinc in the gastrointestinal tract, much of the zinc in these foods is still available to the body. Nuts are fairly good sources with pecans and Brazil nuts the highest. Pumpkin seeds contain zinc and are thought to be helpful to the prostate gland. 'Ginger root is good zinc source as is mustard, chili powder, and black pepper. In general, fruits and vegetables are not good zinc sources; aIthough peas. carrots, beefs and cabbage contain some zinc.

The zinc in grain is found mainly in the germ and bra covering so refining them will lower the zinc content. Approximately 80 percent of zinc are lost in making white flour from whole wheat since zinc is lost. Zinc is soluble in water, canning foods or cooking in water can cause zinc losses. Zinc losses have also be prevalent in agricuItural soils and it is therefore less available in foods. Chemical fertilizers also decrease soil zinc levels. Many soils -nearly 30 states in the United-States are deficient in zinc. Water especially from some well contain zinc. Water was better sources when some of the water pipes were galvanized (containing zinc) as well as some cooking pots. Now water pipes are more commonly made of copper which can become toxic at higher levels.


Zinc is involved in a muItitude of human body functions and is part of many enzyme system with regard to metabolism. Zinc is part of alcohol dehydrogenate which helps the liver detoxify alcohols including ethanol (drinking alcohol) methanol, Ethanol glycol and retinol (vitamin A). Zinc is also thought to help utilize and maintain body levels of vitamins A. Through this action, zinc may help maintain healthy skin cells and thus may be helpful in generating new skin after burns or injury. By helping

collagen formation, zinc may also improve wound healing. Zinc aids the skin's oil glands and so may help in acne problems.

TianShi Zinc Capsules


Acne Surgery

Boils Wound healing

Psonasis Skin Ulcers

Gastric Ulcers Immune Suppression

Sore Throats Prostrate Congestion

Colds Benign Prostatic

Anorexia Nervosa Hypertrophy

Hypertension Male Sexual Problems

Cataracts Infertility

Infections Pregnancy

Alcoholism Decreased Hearing

Schizophrenia Fatigue

Environmental sensitivity Weak Muscles


· Diet: low in zinc or high in copper: alcohol or phosphates all of which bind zinc in the intestines and reduce absorption: food grown in low-zinc soils.
· Aging: when zinc absorption and intake are often reduced
· Pregnancy: when zinc needs are increased
· Growth periods: infancy, especially with increased copper intake levels and for those on low-zinc formulas: puberty, especially in adolescent boys.
· Birth control pills: use of these increases copper levels and thus reduces zinc.
· Premenstrual symptoms associated with low zinc.
· Increased copper intake high copper intake in water, food or supplements will reduce zinc.
· Fasting or starvation causes zinc depletion and increases need due to tissue healing.
· Serious ilIness or injury causes zinc depletion and increases need due to tissue healing
· Hospitalization stress of ilIness or treatment particularly intravenous therapy without zinc supplementation
· Stress increases zinc uses and needs
· Burns increases need for tissue healing and dealing with stress
· Acute or chronic infections greater requirements from stress and for healing.
· Surgery increased requirements for dealing with stress and for healing
· Alcoholism often associates with low zinc intake and higher need; alcohol flushes zinc from the liver causing increased losses.
· Diuretic therapy may cause extra zinc losses.
· Psoriasis rapid skin activity may deplete zinc
· Parasites caused zinc depletion and poor absorption
· Mal-absorption form pancreatic insufficiency or after gastrointestinal surgery.
· Cirrhosis zinc levels may be half of normal.
· Renal disease cause increased zinc
· Chronic disease metabolic and debilitating disease such as cancer
· Athletics increased zinc Iosses in sweat.
· Cadmium toxicity interfere with zinc absorption and utilization.

Other problems associated with low zinc levels are peptic ulcer, pernicious anemia cystic fibrosis and mongolism. Zinc deficiency is very likely more common and more complex than previously thought. It was first identified in lran and Egypt in 1961 in male dwarfs with slow growth and poor sexual development. The unleavened bread that is a staple in the diet there is high in the phytates that bind zinc and a type of clay used for cooking in lran also ties up zinc. Zinc treatment was found to help these conditions stimulating growth and sexual development.Aging is one of the main factors in zinc deficiency. However some recent

environmental changes have also contributed to the deficiency problem. Soil losses and losses due to food processing are two of the main factors in zinc depletion in food. With the change from iron and zinc-containing water pipes ones, not only is zinc intake decreased but the additional copper interferes further with zinc absorption. The average diet, especially one with low protein intake supplies only 8-11 mg daily (the RDA for aduIts is 15mg).

In general, both infants and adolescent have zinc deficiency as do the elderly and women often due to low intake. With the average American diet, we need to eat about 3.400 calories to obtain our 15mg of zinc and most people do not eat that much. Good quality food is needed and therefore poor people are more likely to experience zinc shortages.

The subject of our diet and zinc deficiency is an important one. The all-too-typical advanced technology anti-nature diet that is high-refined grains, fat, sugar, convenience food and fried meat are often low in zinc and many other important trace minerals trace and B vitamins. Also, strict vegetarians and consumers of much grain and little animal protein may not obtain sufficient zinc.


Zinc Lactate
Egg Protein Powder

The amount of zinc added to Tiens Zinc Supplements is in line with the nutrients in daily diet recommended by National Nutrition Society. Each capsule contains zinc 0.8-1.2mg. Considering the fact that the simuItaneous in-take of zinc reinforced food and protein can facilitate the absorption of zinc, Tiens Zinc Supplement chose the lactic zinc, protein powder and glucose as the main ingredients. Lactic Zinc: Water solvent zinc is rare; zinc chloride, though solvent, is too offending to the bodily organs and can be applied for internal use, but it is offending to the stomach membrane and can induce nausea. Therefore mentioned zinc can't be used as zinc supplement. That is why Tiens choose lactic zinc as the main zinc supplement. Lactic zinc as an organic was once used internally to treat epilepsy. Meanwhile, it is produced by biological inducing method, having a high rate of absorption, without the pernicious effects of phytate and phytic acid. It is the ideal product on the market as the best zinc supplement.

Protein Powder:

- To facilitate zinc absorption.
- Used as stuffer.

Glucose-sugar: It has no factors which can affect the zinc, absorption. It uses glucose as the main carrier of zinc supplement and has a higher rate of absorption than other food. The supplement has much to contribute towards the improvement in the quality of life of the world’s population.


* It prevents slow growth (stunted growth)
* It prevents malformation of fetus (pregnant women)
* It prevents blocked hormone secretion
* It prevents poor sexual functions ("boost weak libido)
* It prevents hair loss and baldness
* It prevents diarrhea, anorexia, low intelligent quotient and acne
* It improves eye sight (correction from the choroids and retina)
* It reduces pimples
* It increases appetite
* It prevents infertility
*It improves body tissues skin, hair, blood, skeleton, liver, finger nails, kidney,pancreas, muscles and almost all tissue and visceral organs
* It boosts and regulates the immune function of the body
* Zinc is useful for BIZARRE CASES
* Helps in internal healing of body tissues and organs
* Prevents schizophrenia
* Prevents senile Dementia
* Prevents learning disabilities
* Prevents toxemia of pregnancy
* Prevents anorexia nervosa
* Helps in diabetes mellitus control
* Prevents delayed menstruation
* Prevents hormonal imbalances
*Prevents skin problems e.g. acne, dermatitis, dispersed eczema etc.

Antilipemic Tea

ANTILIPEMIC TEA: 0208520993, 0245703180


Tianshi Antilipemic Tea contains Five main ingredients.         
* The Green Tea * Herba Gynostemma Pentaphyllum
* Nelumbo Nucifera * Radix Polygonum Mulriflorum
* Cassia Obtusifolia
Tiens Antilipemic Tea is prepared from Green Tea in combination with a selection of Chinese herbal remedies that refreshes the body, promote digestion, and dispense with lipids. Invigorate the spleen and stomach.

This herbal formula initiates a healthy internal cleansing process for your body. Our Balanced Internal Cleaner promotes the natural elimination of toxins and waste from your digestive system. The average person carries about 5 to 10 pounds of disease causing toxins in their small intestines. These toxins continue to release poisons directly into the blood stream. While colonies may be helpful to the large intestines, they are not able to effectively deal with the roughly 30 feet of our small intestine. By detoxifying your digestive system and other vital organs, you optimize your body's ability to absorb nutrients and to nourish the basic energy and life of the cells. Tiens Internal Cleansers contains a wide variety of herbs to assists in naturally cleansing of the body; assists in the natural elimination of wastes and excess water retention minimize the nutritional value of other Tiens Energy System Products.

GREEN TEA is hot health news lately, thanks to mounting scientific evidence of its ability to boost the immune system, improve heart heath and fight off cancer. Growing attention is being given in studies conducted by many accredited medical institution, and in recent medical reports on the healthful and healing properties of Green Tea. One of the most significant areas of research has been in the area of cancer. Green Tea has been hailed as a cancer-fighting superstar than to its high concentration of antioxidants.

GYNOSTEMMA PENTAPHYLLUM, called "miracle herb" is known for its amazing ability to enhance your longevity and support your cardiovascular system. Gypenoside is extracted from its leaves and stems, and has the adaptogen to increase strength and immunity, and to combat the effects of stress. Antipilemic tea also increases High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL), allowing the so called cardiovascular cleaners, to remove and clean the rubbish from the vessels. The higher 'your HDL (or "good" cholesterol) levels are, the lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are currently the NO.1 killer in many countries, claiming nearly 1 million lives every year. That's about one person dying from a heart disease every 32 seconds. In addition, these diseases are becoming increasingly prevalent in developing nations as they become westernized in their diets and consume more fats.

The major contributor to cardiovascular diseases is the build-up of cholesterol in the blood vessels, such as those leading to the heart and the brain, vessels that are to supply them with oxygen. Fatty plaque accumulate on the artery walls and eventually closes the artery to blood flow - a condition called atherosclerosis. lf this happens in the coronary arteries, a heart attack occurs. lf it happens in the brain, a stroke can result. Good HDL level are inversely related to this buildup of plaque on the artery walls.
Tests show that, Antillipemic Tea, assists the body in regulating and maintaining cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range. It also prevent hair from turning gray prematurely, strengthen the teeth, and enhances longevity.

NELUMBO NUCIFERA — It has a bitter taste. It is mild in action. It enhances the endurance of the human body against heat and humid conditions. Experience has it that it can uplift the spirit, dissolve blood clot within the body system and enhance clothing during bleeding. Research has revealed Great the distilled lotus (could expand the blood vessels, resulting in a drop in the blood pressure.

RADIX POLYGONUM MUITIFLORUM - It has a detoxifying property, relieves pains, and can accelerate bowl evacuation. It contains lecithin, polyunsaturated fatty acids, which may lower the blood cholesterol. As a result, it can enhance better blood circulation, preventing arteriosclerosis. It has been shown to increase the blood flow in the coronary artery, reducing the rate of the heartbeat.

CASSIA OBTUSIFOLIA - Research has indicated that Hos Buddlijae is rich in Vitamin A, Calcium, Copper, Zinc and Selenium. These are antioxidants,needed by the body to activate the detoxification enzymes to function optimally, thereby enhance detoxification. It has Laxative properties, thus can stimulate or increase the frequency of bowl evacuation.

So "Drink Your Way to a Healthier Heart" with Antilipemic Tea

Improves the quality life
Reduces blood lipids,clear away internal heat
Purities the Cardiovascular system & the heart
Improves the acuity of sight
Reduces blood serum & weight
Relieves inflammation and clears away toxic materials
Relieves cough and reduces sputum
Removes intensive heat from the liver and improves eyesight
Helps to keep trim
Reduces high blood pressure
Relaxes the bowels and accelerates body metabolism
Invigorates the function of the spleen, the liver and Kidney thus Improving sexual functions
Replenishes vitality
Modulates hair and strengthens teeth
Helps to keep a healthy body and enhances clear and beautiful face.


     Antilipemic Tea

     Antilipemic Tea

Vitality Softgel

TianShi / Tiens Vitality Softgel: 0208520993, 0245703180



* Wheat plumu­le oil

* Lecit­hin

* B carot­ene

TianShi / Tiens Vitality Softgel: 0208520993


Long time exper­iment­al studi­es prove­d that wheat plumu­le oil extra­cted from wheat­germ is rich in vitam­in E, linol­eic acid, linol­enic acid, octac­osano­l and some minor­un ident­ified bio-a­ctive eleme­nts. It is a funct­ional lipoi­d with high nutri­tiona­l value­,espe­ciall­y its vitam­in E conte­nt which is ranke­d at the top of all veget­able oils.­The octac­osano­l in wheat plumu­le oil is helpf­ul in incre­asing the adapt­abili­ty and toler­ance of the human body, at the same time it forti­fies the loadi­ng power of the heart to incre­ase its abili­ty to toler­ate anoxi­a. Vitam­in E is also impor­tant to human healt­h, defic­iency of this vitam­in may cause anemi­a in some peopl­e. In women­, its defic­iency may cause exces­sive pigme­ntati­on causi­ng the forma­tion of color­ed patch­es on the skin that great­ly influ­ences beaut­y. When suffi­cient vitam­in E is suppl­ied, one can alway­s keep sober­, comfo­rtabl­e and tirel­ess in envir­onmen­ts where the air is very thin. Vitam­in E has an anti-­perox­idati­on funct­ion which maint­ains the integ­rity of cells­, regul­ates the synth­esis of certa­in media­tors in the body that impro­ves vascu­lar perme­abili­ty, preve­nts arter­ioscl­erosi­s, cereb­ral hemor­rhage­s, myoca­rdial infar­ction and angin­a pecto­ris. At the same time, it can incre­ase cell activ­ities in the main visce­ral organ­s of the body such as the heart­, liver and kidne­ys.

L­ecith­in is the main compo­nent of cell membr­anes prese­nt in the visce­ral organ­s and cells of the vario­us tissu­es, it is known as the basic subst­ance of life with the follo­wing 6 main funct­ions: preve­nting senil­e demen­tia, impro­ving memor­y: promo­ting the forma­tion of cereb­ral cells in the fetus­: effec­tive preve­ntion of fatty liver­, a natur­al cosme­tic; and impro­ves blood circu­latio­n to the limbs­. Lecit­hin acts syner­gisti­cally with vitam­in E and thus each acts more effec­tivel­y in the prese­nce of the other to achie­ve a highe­r healt­h care resul­t.

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TianShi / Tiens Slimming Tea contains Oolong Tea: 0208520993, 0245703180, 0268840773, 0273767823

Oolong is just one of the herbs used in making TianShi / Tiens Slimming Tea.

Read briefly about it below:

TianShi / Tiens Slimming Tea 

OTHER NAME(S): Brown Tea, Camélia Chinois, Camellia sinensis...
Overview Information

Oolong tea is a product made from the leaves, buds, and stems of the Camellia sinensis plant. This is the same plant that is also used to make black tea and green tea. The difference is in the processing. Oolong tea is partially fermented, black tea is fully fermented, and green tea is unfermented.

Oolong tea is used to sharpen thinking skills and improve mental alertness. It is also used to prevent cancer, tooth decay, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

Some people use oolong tea to treat obesity, diabetes, “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), high cholesterol and skin allergies such as eczema; and to boost the immune system.

How does it work?
Oolong tea contains caffeine. Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system (CNS), heart, and muscles. Oolong tea also contains theophylline and theobromine, which are chemicals similar to caffeine.

Uses & Effectiveness?

Likely Effective for

Mental alertness. Drinking oolong tea or other caffeinated beverages throughout the day seems to maintain alertness and mental performance. Combining caffeine with sugar as an "energy drink" seems to improve mental performance better than either caffeine or sugar alone.

Possibly Effective for:

Preventing ovarian cancer. Women who regularly drink tea, including black tea, green tea, or oolong tea, appear to have a significantly lower risk of developing ovarian cancer. One study found that drinking 2 or more cups of tea daily seems to cut ovarian cancer risk by almost half.

Insufficient Evidence for:

Treating skin allergies (eczema). Developing research suggests that drinking about 4 cups (34 oz or 1000 mL) of oolong tea per day in 3 divided doses improves eczema that hasn’t responded to other treatments. It may take 1 or 2 weeks of treatment to see improvement.
Treating diabetes.

Some research suggests that drinking about 6 cups (50 oz or 1500 mL) of oolong tea for 30 days might lower blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes. However, tea drinking doesn’t seem to prevent diabetes.

Preventing high blood pressure. Some research in Chinese people shows that drinking 1 or 2 cups (4-20 oz or 120-599 mL) of oolong tea or green tea daily seems to prevent high blood pressure. Drinking more tea seems to lower the risk even more.

Weak bones (osteoporosis). There is some evidence that drinking oolong tea for 10 years is associated with stronger bones (increased bone mineral density).

Promoting weight loss.

Preventing tooth decay.

Reducing the risk of cancer.

Other conditions.
More evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of oolong tea for these uses.