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Lipid Metabolic Management Tea

Product Code: A05

Contents: 40 sachets × 1.5 g

Lipid Metabolic Management Tea Tiens is a body-vitalising mix of herbs, which contains gynostemma. "Southern Ginseng" - as the Chinese also refer to it, has been considered a miracle herb in China for centuries. It is said its energising and immunity-boosting properties were utilised by the first emperor of the Qin dynasty - Qin Shi Huang.

Known as "the Chinese herb" gynostemma (Jiaogulan) grows in southern China. It contains three times as much active substances - saponins - as ginseng, therefore the Chinese tend to describe Jiaogulan as "like ginseng but better". It is traditionally considered an agent ensuring longevity.
Gynostemma, according to traditional Chinese medicine, boosts the body’s defence, contributes to metabolism stabilisation, help sustain blood lipid balance and harmonises all the functions of the body. The plant contains many amino acids, vitamins and minerals (including calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and zinc) essential in the human body.

The composition of Lipid Metabolic Management Tea Tiens includes the leaves of gynostemma (Gynostemma pentaphyllum), lotus leaves (Folium nelumbinis), cassia seeds - a plant belonging the legume family (Cassia tora), and - known in China for thousands of years - Chinese knotweed root (Polygonum multiflorum). With enhancing the activity of the other components in mind, 6 varieties of green tea are also present in the preparation.
Tea leaves are dried and processed in the presence of small amounts of steam. Most importantly, they do not undergo the process of fermentation, and thus retain precious vitamins and minerals. The herbs used in Lipid Metabolic Management Tea Tiens are meant to support a comprehensive revitalisation of the body. Although the majority can have cleansing and antioxidant properties, each has its own specific qualities. For example, cassia seeds can support the eyesight, while Chinese knotweed root has a positive effect on hair condition.

Ingredients of Lipid Metabolic Management Tea Tiens help the body reach a broadly defined balance:

Support toxin elimination and has antioxidant properties.
Help maintain appropriate lipid levels.
They have a positive effect on eyesight.
Can energise and boost the body’s natural defence system.


It breaks and cleanses cholesterol from the blood vessels;

It fights free radicals and detoxifies the body;

It invigorates the spleen and the stomach, promoting healthy digestion and efficient waste excretion;

It helps with lowering lipids;

It reduces fever;

It boosts the immune system and internal energy levels;

It helps the central nervous system to function properly;

It helps relieve alcoholism and its effects;

It has laxative properties, making bowel movements easy;

It is very effective in treating stomach ulcers;

It helps fight viral and bacterial infections.

Main Benefits

Helps in anti-aging;
Maintains metabolism and strengthens the immune system;
Keep one alert;
Aid in fatigue recovery;
Detoxify the body;
Reduces cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis;
Improves blood circulation and metabolism;
Calm overstrained nerves;
Aid in peaceful sleep.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

TianShi / Tiens Galaxs is available; 0208520993, 0245703180

 Tiens Galaxs


Tongkat Ali: plants that grow in the region of the equator in South East Asia, in shrubs of tropical forests. Tongkat ali have efficacy for improving and increased the number and quality of sperm. In addition, tongkat ali also has the advantage of working to help the kidneys, effectively encouraging the production of testosterone, as well as improve the sexual function of men.

Ginger: reduces inflammation and anti microbial properties.

Piper retrofractum: waging a blood and withstand pain.

Pimpinella Alpines: Add men and vitality govern blood flow.

Helicteresisora: detox and antioxidant.


maintaining stamina man

Add men’s vitality

overcome sexual dysfunction

TIENS GALAXS Is Highly Recommended For Men:
Sexual dysfunction

Decreased energy/physical
Body durability decreases
Easily tired


10 Blister content of 4 capsules .


To maintain stamina : 1 capsule / day taken after meals .

For related entities : 2 capsules to be taken half an hour before intercourse

Monday, 4 September 2017

Do you sneeze too often? We have very good remedies for Rhinitis. Please contact us!

Symptoms and causes of Rhinitis 


If you have nonallergic rhinitis, you probably have symptoms that come and go year-round. You may have constant symptoms, or symptoms that last only a short time. Signs and symptoms of nonallergic rhinitis may include:

Stuffy nose

Runny nose


Mucus (phlegm) in the throat (postnasal drip)


Saturday, 29 October 2016

You Can Now Enjoy Making Sales than Never Before!

Our site will be going through upgrade.

That can allow anyone from any location round the world to make sales easily.

We will also make all the necessary documents needed from many many Tiens Shops easily within 12 hours.

And many more!

Thank you!

Raphael Tornyi

Thursday, 20 October 2016

21st Century Success Stories

With the close look at wealth generation in our present age,  it's more to do with information technology mostly misunderstood.

In often times,  many people round the world keep asking us questions and technical support for them.

Their enquiries are about:

Not trusting their upliner or sponsor
Their Sponsor is cheating them
Their Sponsor took their downline to other sidelines

If you don't trust your leader,  why do business with him?

Mostly the investigation we make reveals that gross ignorance on the part of newbies to the industry.

This is one of the industry that has more to do with know-how.  If you look down on MLM / Tiens Opportunity,  you might be joking. 

Your due diligence will affect your outcome.  It's all about the information. If you lack information,  your business will collapse no matter the rank.

Good luck!

Income Claims Won't Make you Successful

It's becoming a norm to so many people from the employee world to enrol themselves in MLM opportunities.

Due to the world they're from,  they want to know how much money they can make monthly,  weekly etc with MLM opportunities.

Secondly,  many unprofessional consultants/ sales reps/ distributors etc are interested in competing income claims for people joining their teams and respective opportunities.

As a result,  many people fall out of business and blame the company.  It's not employment.  It's contractile agreement based on sales made etc.

If no sales are made,  no income for you in MLM.

There's nothing free like money in MLM.  You must understand what it takes.

Instead of joining on income Claims,  do good investigation,  researching etc and get the accurate information,  know-how and practice it.  It's more about becoming a kind of person to handle that income.

Broaden your scope about MLM. Understand how the marketing plan pays you,  know the leadership you are joining,  etc.  Be ready to take action...

You will make it!